Sanctioned by the Central Carolina Region and Southeast Division of Sports Car Club of America

 Appalachian Race Tire                       Toyo Tires

  Graham County Tourism                                  Chamber of Commerce

  HANS                                                Grassroots Motorsports

  United States Forest Service                           Graham County Transit

  Graham County EMS & Rescue Squad           Darryl Cannon of

       …and the Merchants and Residents of Graham County and Robbinsville, NC


GCR CLASSES : FA, FB, FC, FE, FF, ST, FV, FM, F500, F600, ASR, CSR, DSR, S2000, SRF, LC, STU, GT1, GT2, GT3, GTL, AS, EP, FP, HP, T1, T2, T3, T4, ITA, ITB, ITC, ITR, ITS, Spec Miata, SM5 B Spec

Regional /TT Classes : Special, VO, VC, CF, SPO, SPU, GTA, IT7, IT7R, ITO, SU and RALLY (must conform to current Rally America rules)


Note: These groups may be adjusted raceday to even out the run groups. Two driver cars will run in separate groups.


EVENT SITE :  Santeetlah Road / Maple Springs Rd, Robbinsville, NC 

 (Go straight when you see the entrance to Joyce Kilmer National Park on your left. The hillclimb site  road is also known as Maple Springs Road.  Event signs will be visible all the way from town to site.)



FRIDAY, June 21st

8:00am – 5:00pm Course set-up Want to help? Email Ted Theodore

3:00pm – 8:00pm Registration and Tech Inspection – Downtown Mainstreet of Robbinsville


·         Registration will be at the downtown location at 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM and again Saturday morning at the hillclimb site. Tech Inspection will be a roving tech downtown on Friday. On Saturday morning, you are responsible for finding Tech Inspector to get approved to race. Race cars will not be tech inspected until driver is registered. Once car has been teched, you are free to take it to the site and set up site. You may not reserve a site on the hill. First come, first served.

·         There is a local event being held at the local Robbinsville High School with live music, food, crafts, etc. Please come visit and eat at local restaurants. Let them know you are with the HILLCLIMBERS!


7:00 PM  NOVICE Workers Classroom – Don Drennon      

MICROTEL Lobby 111 Rodney Orr By Pass (828) 470-6772


7:30 PM  NOVICE Drivers Classroom –  Ted Theodore (Novice License holders mandatory)

MICROTEL Lobby 111 Rodney Orr By Pass (828) 470-6772


9:00 pm Hillclimb site road closed. No over-night camping on the hill but several campgrounds nearby.



SATURDAY, June 22nd

6:30am – 8:00am. Road opens and late registration open in the paddock.

7:00am – 8:30am Roving Tech (Please see Steve Eckerich or Mark Seiler)

7:15am – Worker Breakfast and Worker Meeting gravel parking at TOP of hill.

7:45am – Driver Meeting gravel parking area near start gate.

8:00am – Mentors with Students drive course (NOT at speed – both lanes in use!)

8:30am – 12:00 Course goes Green – Race chair determines official timed runs for all classes. Between groups, shuttle buses run and course workers rotate stations per directions of Worker Chief.

Approx. 12:00 – 12:45pm  Stop runs for worker lunch (Lunch provided for workers at Course Stations as they rotate)

1:00pm – 5:00pm Resume timed runs.

6:00pm – 7:00 am No Race Engines


7:00 Worker/Driver Party —Social location to be announced. Local sponsors will be joining us!


SUNDAY, June 23rd

7:00am – 8:30am Roving Tech (Please see Steve Eckerich or Mark Seiler)

7:15am Worker Meeting

7:45am Driver Meeting

8:15am – 10:30am Official Timed Runs begin

11:30am – 12:30 Stop runs for worker lunch (lunch provided for workers at Start gate).


          NOTE Mandatory “Quiet Time”: NO RACE ENGINES FROM 10:30 am to 12:30PM


1:00pm – 3:30pm Official Timed Runs


3:30pm – 4:30pm DRAGONSLAYER Awards – Approximately 30 minutes after last car on track.


We WILL wait until course workers are with us before class win trophies are presented. No trophies will be given out prior to presentation in appreciation for spectators and workers. If you want your trophy, either be there to accept or make arrangements with the Event Chair to have some one accept your award at trophy presentation. While we understand many are traveling a great distance, we strongly encourage you to stay for trophies if possible… this is a part of our event and your fellow drivers deserve to hear your applause and congratulations! We will award a KING of the Hill and a QUEEN of the Hill!

See full supplementary rules HERE


We are well underway for plans for our Chasing the Dragon IV in Robbinsville, NC!

Please consult our Lodging information tab for hotels, motels, rentals and campgrounds!

The Graham County Tourism office and the Graham County Chamber of Commerce have already stated they are looking forward to having us with them!

Stay tuned for more plans and… perhaps a few new surprises for this event! START TURNING WRENCHES…

For a listing of all SCCA Southeast Division Time Trial events please click here


MERRY CHRISTMAS  and Happy New Year from SCCA, Central Carolina Region Officers and members and our hillclimbers!

We look forward to a GREAT year in 2013 with two more hillclimbs in Robbinsville!

THANKS Graham County for all your support and help in 2012! See you NEXT YEAR!

Dragon III Hillclimb “Something Old & Something New…

…Something Borrowed and Something Blue!”


A great field of drivers attacked the Chasing the Dragon IV Hillclimb September 29 & 30 in Robbinsville, NC for a most memorable event! In spite of rain and some timing issues,  the drivers, workers and spectators had a great time.

For three days in advance, workers and drivers prepared the hill, trimming grass, weed eating and marking all spectator and worker stations. Chad Summey, one of our event staff, made laser etched tags to rivet to the guard rails. We now have clear markings for start, finish and every worker station! Chad was inducted into the Order of the Maroon Dragon for his service and effort. Jersey Barriers were brought in for maximum protection for spectator #2 compliments of a local construction firm, Phillips & Jordan.  Grandstands were brought in by the city and Jersey Barriers were filled by local Fire Department. Friday morning, drivers began filling up main street to be registered and tech’ed so they could find their paddock space on the hill.  Friday night, over 16 drivers attended the CCR Hillclimb Novice Classes at the Conference Room at the host hotel – Microtel of Robbinsville. Ted Theodore explained many unique challenges of the sport, things to watch out for in general and in specific on the Maple Springs Road 2.4 mile course. Drivers dined at many different restaurants in town and were treated most hospitably by the nice people of Robbinsville!

Saturday started out foggy and drivers had limited visibility of ten to fifteen feet in some areas. By 10:00 AM, the fog had blown off and  … our old friend, the rain began to fall. We had seen this before but it was at the end of our first Dragon Hillclimb in 2011.  As there was no thunder, stewards continued to cycle drivers through the course. After lunch and a bit of sun, the REAL rain began… and it poured. Moisture contributed to timing issues . Drivers continued to run but a wet course with no times kept many from doing anything more than recon runs to prepare for Sunday. Novices drove intelligently and focused on learning the mountain. Spectators enjoyed the antics of the Dragon Mascot (Amy and Victoria) and great food provided by Sean and Matt, the owners of Huddle House. It was great to see so many new cars and drivers : Jarrod Smith’s IROC Camaro, Tony Machi’s Honda, Michael Tablas in his freshly built Miata, Eric Cline in his Honda Civic, Byran Toth and Roger Carter in their 2 month build RX7s, Shane Findlan back again BUT in his own Corvette he built up just to be at the Dragon,  Chad Matthews in his Mini. Lots of new drivers and they all drove intelligently and safely! Many unique cars were on hand like the white racing Karmann Ghia of Ron Richey, Ken Owen’s gorgeous TR6, Tony Wentworth’s Yellow Fiat 124 Spider, the Coffey’s beautiful blue 240Z, Dan Chesanow’s Venus Formula Vee, Byron Webb’s BMW E21 320 and Harold Seagle’s lovely Porsche 911 SC. We had FOUR  lady drivers in the field all running in the same class as the men. From early reports, we will have many more in the spring of 2013!

A local Highway Patrolman came to take an exhibition run in TJ Theodore’s CSP Miata. TJ suited up Thatch and sent him on his first run up the mountain in a sports car. The time he ran was only 2 seconds off TJ’s time at that point. It’s obvious that Thatch is well versed in high performance driving and we look forward to having him join us at future events.

Saturday night, our workers were treated to a great steak dinner at Huddle House in Robbinsville. Many of the drivers joined the workers there and libations of a less dry form were available as a private party event.



Sunday turned out to be beautiful and timing issues caused by moisture were  repaired Saturday night. Drivers were ready to attack the mountain! Dustin Webb and James Farris did a great job announcing and playing music for us. Dustin is fast becoming an avid talented hillclimber and he learned an important lesson… he loaned his 240SX to Robert McManus for one run and Robert ended up taking the class bumping Dustin to 2nd! I am glad to report they are still good friends! First run of the daySunday, Robert Martai and Marcel Ceaskay had a bracket break on the diff on their beautiful Rally Evo. The day was done but their times from Saturday in the rain were good enough for Rally Class win, Class Record and 4th place overall! THAT is an amazing run. We’ll find out what they can do in the dry hopefully next Spring! Scott Sipler went from 2nd to 1st in SU Street Unlimited Class on his lst run of the day on BORROWED Slicks! Lots of great class competition and helping each other win… a trade mark of the Time Trial drivers in SEDIV! George Bowland and Blair Underwood only made a few runs but they made them count. They took 1st and 2nd overall against some strong pressure from Heikki Rinta-Koski and Robert Martai. Chad Matthews and Jarrod Smith turned in outstanding performances with 6th and 7th place finishes in their FIRST Hillclimb! TJ Theodore finished 8th overall in his CSP Miata on his 3rd run at the Dragon.

Under a beautiful blue sky and sunny sky, spectators, drivers and event staff met by the landmark giant tire to see Robbinsville High School’s own Miss Black Knight (McCall Anderson) and our Dragon hand out trophies. Tony Machi came all the way from Wisconsin to run his first hillclimb and managed a 1st Place finish in FP in his Honda CRX. Nate Wimbrow took first Spec Miata in his first try at the hill. There were many success stories but none like that of Bryan Toth who took his V8 powered Mazda Rx7 from street car to Time Trial car in 2 months for this event. After a few runs Saturday, he had troubles with his alternator and Farron Orr of Carquest in Robbinsville opened up to let him buy one after hours. Repairs made, he was ready for Sunday but battled battery problems from the alternator. Another competitor Lars Lattstrom loaned Bryan a battery so he could run. Then after blowing a tire, it looked like Bryan was done for the weekend. Not SO! Larry Eller of Eller’s Wrecker Service drove Bryan to his shop in town and changed both tires so he could mount them up and finish running the event. Bryan gets our “DIE HARD” Award for refusing to quit! Nice Job Bryan!

At our trophy presentation, Vicki Lanning won her FIRST Queen of the Hill Dragonslayer sword. The first two Dragon Hillclimbs, Vicki missed by small margins due to last run victories by Chris Moore. George Bowland stood for his pictures with Miss Black Knight and the Dragon, pulled his sword from the stone and promptly speared one of our inflatable dragons! He then casually hoisted the sword  up on his shoulder with the airless lifeless body of the dragon swaying side to side and strutted off through a crowd of cheers and applause. George’s victory was sweet as it is his first run at this hill… but there is still time to be found. Cory Friedman’s record run from Dragon I last year STILL remains the fastest run in the history of the event. George will be back in 2013… and Cory may be back as well! Don’t count out Heikki, Robert or Blair. The record we thought would not be broken is now  in the reach of several of our best hillclimbers.

A GREAT thanks to SCCA Central Carolinas Region for hosting a great event, to the Event Staff who worked corners in rain, to our sponsors – HANS (Jay Braxton & Trish England), Grassroots Motorsports, Appalachian Tire, The Southern Driver and many local businesses in Robbinsville and Graham County. Also thanks to : Ditmore Family of Microtel, Chamber of Commerce (John and Valerie Feil and the great members who helped in so many areas) , Connie Orr and Billy Ditmore and the Graham County Travel and Tourism Board, Sherriff”s Department, Larry Hembree and the Graham County EMS/Rescue Squad, Thatch and the NC Highway Patrol, NC Department of Transportation, Juanita Colvert and the staff of Graham County Transit, Lori and Darryl Cannon of, Sean and Matt of Huddle House, and Terinda and Lauren of the US Forest Services and their LEOS. And as always, a big thank you from our drivers and staff to the citizens of Graham County for their hospitality and friendship. We LOVE the chance to be with you and look forward to it next year June 15-16 and August 3-4 in 2013!










Pictures compliments of, The Southern Driver, Rodney Maxwell, TJ Theodore and Steve Williams

More beautiful pics available at


Results Here :
Class results:
Overall times:

Planning is coming along … we are down to the WIRE!

So many people in Robbinsville and in CCR are working right now behind the scenes to make this event a great success. We wanted to share with you some news :


1. Timing – due to the directional twists and turns, the total distance and copper content of the mountain, timing has been a challenge at the Dragon. The CCR Board considered many options and finally decided to lock in on the low tech but most dependable solution ! We purchased 6 miles of military grade shielded wire on spools… we are HARD WIRING THE MOUNTAIN! This is the way Chimney Rock and Pennsylvania Hillclimb Series ran for many years… solid and dependable. Steve Eckerich is masterminding a spool reel to fit on the back of a truck… when we set up the course,the cable will be fed off the reel and a worker will tuck the cable behind the guard rail and out of the way. After the event, the cable will be rolled back up on the spool as the truck goes down the mountain. The bottom line? Consistent service for our timing equipment which should allow you to see your time in LED lights at the top of the hill after each run! Thanks to Steve Eckerich, Rich Little, Rick Mesick and Brian Gause for their effort on this project.


2.  Food Service : Our Drivers and spectators will be enjoying a wider selection of food items from our new vendor Huddle House! Matt and Sean served our workers as a sponsor at our last event and we appreciated their sponsorship GREATLY. We will be posting up their food offerings soon so stay tuned! 


3. Event Staff and Workers : Sean and Matt will also be taking care of breakfast and lunch for you Saturday and Sunday on the mountain before Worker’s Meeting. The Menu? Check this out!

Saturday Breakfast :   Biscuits & Gravy    Sausage    Fried Eggs Coffee and Water Station

Sunday Lunch  (delivered to you ) :    Blimpies Box Lunch   Ham & Turkey w/ Lettuce Sub  Chips and your choice of  Chips and Drink

Sunday Breakfast :    Fresh Fruits    Donuts  Pastries  Coffee

Sunday Lunch  (at Launch Site) :    BBQ pork Sandwich , cookie, chips and a drink

Wait until you see what is planned for Saturday Night Dinner… stay tuned for more information!


4. Announcer – we will have an announcer on loudspeakers and FM Transmitters for this event… he will be playing music between groups and giving our spectators a little information about our event, drivers and their cars. Drivers – BE SURE you fill out your BIO and turn it in at registration… if you don’t, we’ll make up something good. Don’t  worry about it!!!!


5. Driver OUT –  Sheila Cockerel will not be able to be with us. She is a regular hillclimber in that Black Mustang Cobra…  always a pleasure to have her at our events. She is scheduled for leg surgery September 25th. She sends her best… and she is sending Ray too! We’ll be thinking about you Sheila and look forward to having you back driving with us next June at the DRAGON IV!


More to come…  



These are photos of our winners from the June 23 & 24 Chasing the Dragon II Hillclimb were taken and donated by

friends of CCR , Bert Linebarger of  and Alan Shepherd of

THANKS Bert and Alan!



          Scott Sipler of Marietta, SC

Winner of a set of TOYO Tires


        Dustin Webb of Matthews, NC

Winner of a set of Hoosier Tires


        Kenneth High of Charlotte, NC

Winner of a HANS Device




Dragonslayer and King of the Hill – Heikki Rinta-Koski of Marietta, GA in his Locost 7



Dragonslayer and Queen of the Hill – Chris Moore  of Tallahassee, FL  in her Triumph TR6






      Barbara Mayes of South Carolina Region

For her continued service in Timing and Scoring

Awarded by Last year’s winner Alan Shepherd






Phillip Rodda of Central Carolinas Region

For serving ( sweating) as our Dragon Mascot for the weekend

Awarded by Alan Shepherd








CHASING THE DRAGON II – A Weekend to Remember!

Thanks to all event staff, drivers, crew, spectators and residents of Graham County, N.C. that came out to share in our second hillclimb event in Robbinsville! While the temperatures were high around noon both days, the predicted rains never came. Over 2000 spectators came to watch our hillclimbers chase the Dragon, enjoy the barbecue and try out the new spectator area near the middle of the course. Representatives from 28 different media sources were on hand to film and shoot the racing and festivities. The hospitality of our hosts was felt by all and the 21 local companies that sponsored a car were pleased with their drivers.

This hillclimb also piloted the first SCCA SEDIV Time Trial Novice Hillclimb Program. Nine novices attended a classroom session and had mentors working with them for the entire weekend. All first time hillclimbers stayed safe and not a single wheel went off asphalt. The training included course information, procedures and general “hillcraft”. The result of this program was that FIVE of these novices won their classes.

Final Results –
RAW Results –








Heikki Rinta-Koski won King of the Hill with a time of 116.336 – only 2 seconds off the record set by Cory Friedman last year at the Dragon I Hillclimb. Chris Moore won the Queen of the Hill on her last run of the day Sunday with a time of 139.231 Each received a Dragonslayer sword and for Chris, it was her second! Trophies were presented to all winners by Event Manager – Ted Theodore, Miss Black Knight –  McCall Anderson and our SCCA Dragon.

The only two incidents were Avery Street’s Fiero and Willie Stock’s Van Diemen. Both experienced drivers were fine and both cars are repairable. The Dragon remains the safest hillclimb site in the United States but the opportunity for accidents still exists. The adherence to SCCA’s strict safety rules, the safe set up of the course, the quality of stewards/event staff and the drivers competition equipment and training combine to make the Dragon Hillclimb a great place to enjoy racing and continue to develop skills on a closed course.

Spectators enjoyed a new viewing spot at Spectator #2 where water filled jersey barriers and fencing were used for protection. Cowbells were available for kids to use to “wake up the Dragon”. Our SCCA Dragon made many appearances all over the hill and children received inflatable dragons to take home. Drivers were stalked for autographs and many of the locals wanted information on how to receive license to race and how to set up their car for the Fall hillclimb event.



A GREAT deal of thanks goes out to the following  :

To our drivers who drove very well… competitively and responsibly.

To Event Staff who worked hard to keep drivers safe.

To Stewards and event officials who insured we executed the event by our rules and in a safe manner.

To Robbinsville Chamber of Commerce (John & Valerie Feil) who covered parking of all spectators.

To Graham County Tourism – (Cheri Brantley) our feet on the ground.

To the NC Department of Transportation who worked hard to get our road in better condition.

To the Graham County Transit Authority – Juanita Colvard and her staff did a fine job with shuttle buses for spectators.

To the Ditmores from Microtel for housing our workers and helping to get things done.

To Darryl and Lori Cannon of for great pictures and coverage of our event.

To Terinda and Lauren and our U.S.F.D. Law Enforcement officers at the US Forestry Services who are allowing us to run in their beautiful Joyce Kilmer Memorial Park.

Last but not least to our sponsors- Appalachian Tire at, HANS Restraints and Tim Suddard at Grassroots Motorsports and the 21 local sponsors who helped to make the event possible. Trish England of HANS provided a HANS device which was won by Kenneth High of Charlotte, NC. Appalachian Tire awarded a set of Hoosiers to Dustin Webb of Matthews, NC and a set of Toyo  Tires to Scott Sipler of Marietta, SC

Many of Killboy’s great shots are available now at

This was a fantastic weekend and the support from local community was obvious, at the event both days, at the downtown party Friday night and the dinner Saturday night. Merchants all over town welcomed hillclimbers with signs and expressed appreciation for SCCA bringing this event to Robbinsville. We ALL look forward to the next Chasing the Dragon III Hillclimb September 29 & 30 … leaves will be changing, cool temperatures and from early indications, we expect a MUCH bigger crowd and field of drivers. Get your reservations early… it’s coming soon!



SCCA Central Carolinas Region is proud to announce the date for the Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb III! The original dates of August 4-5 had conflicts with the schedule for SCCA, our workers as well as Robbinsville and Graham County/ NC Tourism.

Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb II will be held as planned for June 23-24 and registration for drivers and workers will be opening next week.

Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb III new date will be September 29-30!

The great folks in TVR were willing to allow us to use the date they had planned for Crow Mountain for this year. We sincerely hope next year, they will be up and running with a new hillclimb site on this weekend!

We look forward to a wonderful event in late September… leaves are starting to turn, temps are cooler and the racing will be HOT! Make your plans NOW to join us this Fall at the Dragon Hillclimb!

Keep in touch with the latest at

Dragon Hillclimb – NATIONAL Time Trial Event of the YEAR!!!

Central Carolina’s Region is proud to announce that Sports Car Club of America chose the CCR Chasing The Dragon Hillclimb as their National Time Trial Event of the Year! The award was presented at the Las Vegas Convention last month. CCR Board of Directors plan to make the two events at the Robbinsville, NC site even better than last year!

Ted Theodore – Hillclimb Manager stated “Hillclimbs are fun whether you are driving, working or spectating. The blend of racing, fellowship and good times at a site like the Nantahala Forest…it’s just a great combination you will not forget. We are expecting close to 100 drivers this year for our June 23-24 weekend. You will see everything from specials, open wheel formula cars, rally cars, production racers, and vintage cars. Come on out and join us for a GREAT event!”

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